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What and how many games are in the best online casinos ? When it comes to online casino games, you enter a huge world.

Online games, including jackpots, are actually constantly multiplying, online casinos always give welcome bonuses with free spins not only for slot machines and roulette.

We have prepared a little guide with the most famous and popular ones. Online games such as slot machines are placed alongside the classics, often offering new titles to keep players engaged.

Slot Machines

In terms of numbers, slot machines are the most common among online casino games. Not only is the number of video slots very high, but now they are real video games with breathtaking graphics and stunning graphic effects. 

The reason for this is that slot machines are very popular and attract many players of all experience levels. Think, for example, of the award-winning The Big Easy, The King, Book of Ra and other online casino games that excite players.

You can have fun online or on your cell phone, and with any jackpot you can collect significant amounts paid out in a few spins.

Jackpot slot machines are the most popular slots at online casinos, even from mobile devices, but others have generous bonuses as well, and many players know this. For each available video slot, you can find a review.


Roulette does not require any revision, has existed since the eighteenth century, in modern live and skattefria casinon there are various options offered: European, French and American . This game is undoubtedly a favorite both for those who frequent traditional gambling halls and those who are online. Live and non-live roulette are also very popular because of the books and movies that have made them known to a wide audience.

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Blackjack (or twenty-one) is a card game that takes place between a dealer and various players. It is one of the most popular card games, providing a high dose of adrenaline. Almost all legal casinos offer blackjack, often also in different variations and for mobile devices. To win, you must approach 21 points (not exceeding it) by playing better than the dealer. Blackjack is a solitaire game, unlike baccarat. You can start playing this and other popular games at  Casino. Use elslots promo code no deposit 2021 and increase your sign up bonus.

Video poker

Video poker is safe and very popular . These web casino games are loved for their simplicity and because they are available in multiple, colorful and fun versions. Just make a deposit into your account and click play to see if your luck has kissed you.
The basic rules are the same as in poker , but of course the dynamics of playing and paying are different and more like slot machines, even here you actually press the play button to start the game. There are several free video poker games , in fact you can play the demo version without deposit.


Baccarat is one of the most famous casino games ever. It has a long history and today there are several variations. There are many websites specializing in online casino games that offer them to users, free or not, always with great reviews among those who play. Unlike blackjack, here the players against the dealer are placed on two sides, they are dealt two cards on each side, which makes baccarat a kind of group game.


Poker has always been one of the most popular online casino games, with different variations such as the traditional 5 - card draw, with pocket cards, or the famous Texas Hold'em. Various poker rooms hold many live and online tournaments, and many virtual casinos provide space on their sites for this card game.
You can challenge other players connected from all over the country and potentially living from all parts of the world.

Scratch and win

Scratch card is not the first to play safe when you think , say online casino, but they are a popular pastime. Coupons of the most famous scratch cards are also available online and on mobile devices, and some virtual casinos offer them to users.
Among the casino games online there are some for all tastes and wallets, from 2, 5, to 20 euros, some promising really tasty winnings.


Bingo is a fun game for anyone who remembers Tombola, who used to spend his time playing live in the family. Bingo online is a popular and beloved game. There are platforms dedicated exclusively to this game, which is also present in the catalog of some of the best virtual casinos on their website. Among the strengths of this game are its remarkable simplicity and the ability to try it, even with very little money invested in online games.


Half-Eight is a popular card game. To play it, you can use a deck of forty cards, or French regional cards. Online casinos operating in our country often offer this and other typical entertainment that is gambling in every way. The goal of the game is to score more points than the dealer without "overshooting," that is, not exceeding 7 and a half.

Other card games

Playing live is fun, but so is playing online. Online gambling platforms offer a wide variety of card games, including Scala Quaranta, Briscola and Tressette.These are card games that so many of our countrymen love, which, along with more international poker and blackjack, are not disarming at all, anyone who plays knows that. The best online casinos can't help but consider the traditions and preferences of their customers in their offerings.

Other online casino games

The offerings of games and bonuses offered by the best online casinos are really wide and growing fast. The only site trying to offer welcome bonuses , promotions, lots of slots and news, and those who play online can be almost sure to find their sites.

The iGaming sector is very competitive, and one of the fronts we fight on is bonuses and games. Those who play online are always looking for new incentives, and that largely means new bonuses and games (primarily slots).

Conclusions on online casino games

In conclusion, what can I add to the online casino games? A gaming site like Elslots, for example, offers a large number of slots, free spins and titles in different categories, those who play just need to read its review.

You can be sure to pay out all your winnings, including online table games, card games, jackpot slots, roulette and more. It's almost impossible not to find something we're passionate about, whatever our tastes may be.
In addition to games, we recommend paying attention to any news and the availability of any bonuses, such as welcome or deposit bonuses, which allow you to multiply your fun and winnings for free.

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