Inexpensive holiday in Greece

Greece Country with Emerald Pure Sea, White Sand and Bright Sun. Amazing nature, many attractions, magnificent kitchen all this closely intertwined here. No matter what kind of recreation was not chosen by tourists this country there is something to offer. And at the same time, inexpensive rest in Greece not only will not hit the pocket, but also bring a lot of positive emotions.

Places worth seeing

Attractions in Greece many, all of them and not listed. They are distinguished by a large variety and are designed for different tastes of people. This is a story, and pilgrimage to holy places, shopping and fun, unforgettable adventures.

So, tell me "Yes!" Inexpensive holiday in Greece and boldly go on a trip!

The temple of Poseidon is known for its amazing ruins and everyone who comes here is simply obliged to touch eternity. This attraction was born in 440 to our era. It was here that the king Age said goodbye to life, rushing to the sea after the death of his son. The cost of entry is about 40 euro.

Particular attention should be paid to the shopping center of ancient Greece is the city of Corinth. Until now, there is an ancient fountain that supplies the spring water of residents of the city. You can also serve as hard in this city and the ancient temple of Apollo herself.

Olympia perhaps, one of the most famous places among athletes, because the most anticipated competitions were born and are still held with a deafening success. The cost of excursion 45 euros, the price of a children's ticket is 30 euros.

Delphi is one of the shrines of Greece. It was here, near the Great Mountain Parnass, political issues were discussed and responsible, varying degrees of decision were taken.

And how not to remember the meteors. These are highly leaving the sky cliffs, the stones of amazing forms of the real miracle of nature. And on the most tops of the rocks were monasteries. Visit this place will turn out the traveler within 50 euros, the price of a children's ticket is 25 euros.

Architectural wonders in Greece

In just 250 euros, the tourist will be able to see five interesting places at once:

- Knos Castle, built 2-Millennium Back. Such a building was already equipped with sewage, heating and water supply;

- Parfenon Temple, in the center of which was located the statue of Athena;

- The Epidaur Theater was erected for people who were treated in hospitals. After all, the Greeks believe that fun rest and art can help people defeat any disease. A distinctive feature of this theater is a unique acoustics;

- Monastery of St. Peter Amazing construction with a huge library, where tourists can see the original of the oldest scrolls and books.

- Erechteyon a unique temple, which was erected in honor of Athens and Poseidon.

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