E Squared Experiment #3 Alby Einstein Principle

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Two Wire Hangers, Two Straws, And a Whole Lot Of Energy

We have been following E Squared, Nine Do-It-Yourself Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Reality. 

Before you think that I am trying to ‘sell you some hocus pocus, mystical booga booga let me say that what you are about to read is based on Albert Einstein and the known and accepted principles of physics.

  1. All matter is stored energy.
  2. Energy, is simply ‘matter’ that has been released or liberated
  3. Human beings are not actually matter, but waves of continually moving energy.
  4. The average sized humanoid 🙂 has enough potential energy to explode 30 large hydrogen bombs (7X10 to the 18th power joules of energy).
  5. If we as humans are energy, then our thoughts and feelings are energy as well.So what does this have to do with the two wire hangers, two straws, as you’ll need for this experiment?  Well we’re going to prove it!  Don’t believe me?

Watch below and find out!

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Try the E Squared Experiment 3, “The Alby Einstein Principle” yourself
and share with us your results. Make a video and we will add it to this blog:)

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adminE Squared Experiment #3 Alby Einstein Principle

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