E Squared Book Review Experiment 7 The Jenny Craig Principle

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The Jenny Craig Principle Experiment #7

Your Thoughts and Consciousness Provide the Scaffolding for Your Physical Body

“Your body is simply a living expression of your point of view about the world.”

In this is the experiment where you offer your body up to science.

The premise for this experiment is that the energy that comes from food eat is impacted by what you say and think.

Scary, right?  The energy of your thoughts is being ingested right along with the vitamins, minerals proteins and carbs.

Consider your relationship with food – how do you feel when you eat?  How do you feel when you eat something ‘fattening”.

Do you enjoy it or do you ‘hate yourself for it”

This experiment requires that you give up your ongoing grudge against the food you eat. You’re going to think of every single bite that goes into your body as something wonderful and at the very least, nourishing.

Focus on infusing your food with good feelings. Enjoy and eat without guilt.

That’s all. Weigh yourself at the beginning and then in 3 days:

Here are our results:

 So how did you do?  Let us know!

Hey – we can’t wait to help you Create Freedom Today!


adminE Squared Book Review Experiment 7 The Jenny Craig Principle

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