How to Build Your Brand or Business with Pinterest

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The Marketing View TV topic today is How to use Pinterest to Grow Your Business


Steps to Marketing on Pinterest

  1. Set up your Pinterest Profile. Do not shortcut this. Include who you are, what you do (can be all included in a tagline sentence) and include your website/blog link.
  2. Create Boards that are on purpose in regards to where you are going to share your pins and then categories need to be easy for people to repin.
  3. Add pictures and videos that stimulate emotions and get people interested enough to follow you or repin your board.
  4. Hyperlink the image to your website/blog
  5. Use context to target your audience.
  6. Follow others, repin and share their content
  7. Engage with others  to build a large following of your targeted niche.
  8. Share your brand and products. They will check out your profile and boards. Be sure to have appropriate jabs before you put out the “right hooks” or call to action.
  9. Get a copy of Jab Jab Jab Right Hook. Check out Round 5 : Glam It Up on Pinterest


Questions to Ask About Your Pinterest Content

Does my picture feed the consumer dream?

Did I give my boards clever, creative titles?

Have I included a price when appropriate?

Does every photo include a hyperlink?

Could this pin double as an ad or act as an accompanying photo to an article featured in a top-flight magazine?

Is this image easily categorized so people don’t have to think too hard about where to repin it on their boards?

Pinterest Widgets

Did you know you can add your own slice of Pinterest right to your blog? Just drop the Pinterest widget into your site to share your latest Pins and help people find (and follow!) you on Pinterest.
1. Visit your profile on Pinterest 
2. Click the < > button to preview your widget and get the code you need to add it to your site

You can also use Pinstamatic to quickly create board without any editing tools. Check it out here!

As we mentioned, if you have a blog you can quickly share your content and image on Pinterest. We can show you how awesome it is to have a blog and how fast you can share you, your brand, your products and fresh content fast on all social media platforms. Check out our preferred blog platform now!

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adminHow to Build Your Brand or Business with Pinterest

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