Online Advertising, Are All Solo Ads Equal

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Are all Solo Ads Equal? You Can Waste Thousands of Dollars

Online Marketers, Internet Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, are daily buying Solo Ads from providers that they may or may not know have a good reputation or that they actually deliver quality leads.

Do you know if they Solo Ads Provider buys traffic for your niche? Do you know what Countries the traffic is coming from? This is important as not all opportunities can be sold worldwide. Also many times in 3rd world countries their are funds and payment issues.

Watch out for “Free” Methods of Solo Advertising

As you search on GOOGLE for solo ad providers or to buy solo ads, you will find tons of ads for “free” traffic. The thing is you have to enter in an email address where they will send you thousands of others offers. You are required to click on their links and watch their videos in order to earn credits to place your ads for free. Your ads are then rotated through others emails. They say these people are targeted because they are promoting opportunities or tools like you are but, they are there the same reason as you. To get their ads for free. Very rarely are they going to actually act on the ads in their email. The amount of time it takes to do this method of solo ads, is not worth the few that may view your ads.

Purchasing Clicks VS Leads

Sure this is another route you may take in buying SOLO ADS but you have to spend a lot of money to get enough clicks to build your list fast. It may take you a year to build a list of 500 because the clicks do not guarantee opt ins. They guarantee clicks on the ad. You may be also using your own capture pages that may not be high converting and they do not get people to take action and opt in.  Using High Converting Offers is very important so you may get more clicks and hopefully more opt ins, actual leads.

You would be better off spending your money with SOLO AD Providers that actually provide leads, not the clicks.

Watch this Free Video Training to Learn What the Advantage is to Buying Leads not Clicks

As we discussed in our video, we highly recommend purchasing solo ads with Daegan Smith’s agency.

Daegan Smith will provide you with a highly responsive list. Daegan actually provides you with leads, not clicks.

In other words, if you buy 2000 leads, he will deliver 2000 highly responsive leads that are warm and want help. You just need to provide the solution to their pain in your email marketing.

Build a Hyper Responsive List===>

Daegan is also offering for you to have the opportunity where he will Pay you to Build your List. This is essentially becoming a partner and he does require for you to go through on interview process. If you a good fit, he will then offer you his personal coaching and assistance, provides his secret solo ad bonuses as well as builds your lit. It is a no brainer for any serious marketer that know the value of being connected to Daegan Smith, let alone the chance to be a partner.

Interested in becoming a Partner withe Daegan Smith? ===>

You will also have the ability to learn his solo ad secrets as well as be able to understand how to write emails that convert into sales. This is amazing training and you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity…

Click the links we provided above and make the decision to build a high responsive list and even partner with Daegan Smith himself!

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adminOnline Advertising, Are All Solo Ads Equal

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