The 4 Most Dangerous Words

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The Four Most Dangerous Words

Do you think think that repetition is boring?  


I bet you think that you can’t learn from someone who is younger or less experienced than you?

Should a Leader know EVERYTHING, before you can really consider him or her a leader?

I think that the biggest lessons come from what we think we already know.  

Four dangerous words:  I know that already.

He who is humble, is never caught with egg on his face! (You may quote me on that) LOL.

Good leaders (to quote a great leader) are great followers.  Listen to the short story that tells the story…..

Are you ready to make the change?  If so, THE CHANGE STARTS HERE.  And remember the 4 most dangerous words – you never know enough!


If you’re not,  come back tomorrow and read some more :).

Dream Big and Live Large.

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adminThe 4 Most Dangerous Words

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