How to Stop Decluttering From Becoming an Overwhelming Chore

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Guest Article by Natalie Jones

How to Stop Decluttering From Becoming an Overwhelming Chore

One of the many reasons we put off decluttering is that it can seem overwhelming. With so much to do, where do we start? Thankfully, with the right planning, we can simplify the process and even make it a fun way to spend a few weekends with the family.

Host a Sale

A start to cleaning out things we no longer need is to hold a garage sale. However, a successful sale requires some forethought. For instance, larger sales often hold more appeal than a single household, so see if you can organize a neighborhood-wide event. Once everyone has agreed on a date, start planning your sale. Not only do you need to decide what you’ll be listing but also how you’ll organize it. You need plenty of table space, and to be sure that guests have a way of testing any electronics. That means having an outlet available or batteries on hand. Keep a watchful eye on the cash, and lock your doors before the big event — you don’t want someone taking advantage of your attention not being on your home.

Make It Manageable

As mentioned, decluttering your home and life may seem too big to start. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. It may help to realize that not only could decluttering improve your mental wellness, but it might also simplify cleaning. To begin, make a few goals, such as what you want to accomplish and when. Start small, and don’t try to do it alone. With your family assisting you, the time will fly by, not only because you’ll get things done faster, but because it will be fun. If you can only devote one day every two weeks, and it ultimately takes months to achieve it, so be it. Don’t pressure yourself, as this can contribute to burnout and intimidation.

Memorialize Your Belongings

Decluttering is not an easy journey, particularly when certain items remind us of special moments in our lives or our dearest loved ones. You can ease the transition and keep your memories by taking photographs or making a small video of the things you’re emotionally tied to but no longer have space for. There are, however, some things you will inevitably want to keep. Instead of stuffing them in a box under the bed, get some inspiration on creative new ways you can store and display them simultaneously. These can be practical transformations, such as silverware into kitchen drawer handles, or artistic, like doilies displayed in a painting frame.

Organize, Organize, Organize

Now that it’s clean, start organizing with rooms you use frequently, like the bedroom, kitchen, and bathrooms. Keep similar goods together, such as cleaning supplies in a basket under the bathroom sink. Not only will being organized ensure that things stay tidy, but it will also make cleaning more manageable. Create a system that works for you, and assign homes for things. You also should update your cleaning equipment, such as a vacuum cleaner that does double duty and can handle tile as well as carpet. It may be tempting to purchase from a familiar brand, but first, check out online reviews and peruse guides so you have greater confidence that your purchase will genuinely benefit your household.

Develop Reflexes

Our day-to-day can be hectic and full of distractions, but this can leave dishes piled up in sinks and stacks of clothes in bedrooms. Yet, this only contributes to a vicious cycle of putting things off. Instead, make a concerted effort to reflexively clean in the moment, such as by doing the dishes after dinner or spraying down the shower after each use. Little steps don’t actually end up taking much time and will make your bi-weekly clean so much easier.

No one needs to lead a cluttered life. Take control of your environment, and create the space you and your family deserve. It may take work, but you’ll be happier when it’s all said and done.

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adminHow to Stop Decluttering From Becoming an Overwhelming Chore

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